Your Timetable Guide For Your Date

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Nervous for a first date with your crush? This step by step guide will give you the run down on what to expect so you can shine!

6 P.M.: Getting Ready

You want him to open the door and think, Wow! But without looking like you’re trying too hard. Strike the balance by pairing your cutest jeans with an off-the-shoulder tee or a strappy tank. Something that shows just a touch more skin than usual. He’ll definitely notice! Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get ready, so you don’t have to rush or make him wait.

7:15 P.M.: At the door

Even if you and your guy talk all the time, the first moment of a Real Date is nerve-racking. It is so much buildup! Keep your cool and calm his jitters by giving him a warm hi and a quick hello hug. Then make a joke that acknowledges the weirdness. It will diffuse any pressure. If he honks from your driveway, wave him in for just a minute while you grab your purse and jacket.

7:25 P.M.: On the way

Your instinct may be to ask a bunch of questions to get him to open up, but that can feel like a college admissions interview. Instead keep the conversation moving by making funny observations like “Do you ever accidentally make eye contact with the people stopped next to you at a red light? I hate that!” Don’t worry about silences. You can always default to talking about what’s playing on his iPod. Since he picked the music, he’ll have stuff to say about it.

8:10 P.M.: At dinner

If you think he might pick up the check or don’t know how much food to order, ask him what he’s getting and choose a dish around the same price. When the check comes, offer to split it. If he insists on paying, don’t push it. Just thank him and say you’ll buy him ice cream next!

10:30 P.M.: Saying goodnight

If you want to go out again, let him know by bringing up something you talked about earlier like, “So when do I get to beat you at Guitar Hero?” Ready for a kiss? Don’t rush out of the car when he drops you off. Then you can move closer to him and keep eye contact. If it’s on his mind too, he’ll lean in!

11 A.M.: The next day

Play it cool and let him reach out to you: Texting first can seem overeager. If he’s interested in you, you’ll probably hear from him by the end of the day. In the meantime, enjoy the rush you get after an awesome date. It’s exciting to know anything could happen next!

Final Word

The first date is where the fun really begins, but even for the most confident amongst us, meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking.

By following this timetable, you can rest assured it will be enjoyable, and perhaps the first of many more to come!

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4 Main Reasons a Man Won’t Approach a Woman

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When men are considering making the first approach, they don’t know anything about you yet. This means that there are very few reasons why a man WON’T approach you. In fact, there are only four main reasons. If you find that you aren’t getting approached enough, I’m willing to bet that one of them applies to you.

  1. He doesn’t find you physically attractive.

I won’t go into this too much. This one is fairly obvious, and you women are the experts in this area. There’s an endless list of ways to make yourself better looking. Get a makeover. Learn how to do your hair and makeup better. Develop healthy habits and start a workout routine. Learn how to dress in ways that enhance your better features. You can’t instantly become a super model, but you CAN always look your best. And frankly, there’s no reason not to.

  1. You’re currently occupied or unapproachable.

A man won’t approach you if you’re obviously busy or occupied with something. A man also likely won’t approach you if you’re too occupied with your electronic devices or your reading material. If you’re hoping to be approached, take out the headphones and look around the room occasionally. The general rule for any situation is to appear open to being approached by displaying open body language and not avoiding eye contact. These two simple signals are very easy ways to show us that you’re open to a conversation.

Check out the review of QuestChat in case you would want to experience chatting with different people online and who knows, it might score you a date.

  1. You’re TOO physically attractive.

I know that in reason number one I said to always look your best. Unfortunately, the better looking you are, the more likely you are to be seen as “out of his league” and thus not approachable. But as I mentioned earlier, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! This simply means that only the most confident men will approach you. If you’re ok with this, then congrats! However, if you’re still wanting to be approached more often, then read on.

If you’re truly one of the better looking women and you want to be approached more, you’ll have to make yourself more approachable by being friendlier and more outgoing. Smile more, start more conversations with new people, show the men around you that you aren’t stuck up and unfriendly. If you’re very good-looking, yet you seem bored and unimpressed with the people around you, you definitely give off a bit of the “bitch” vibe. On the contrary, if you demonstrate that you’re open to a conversation and won’t immediately dismiss new people, you’ll be much more likely to be approached.

  1. You’re seen as too much effort.

Depending on what you’re looking for, being seen as “too much effort” is usually a good thing! The bottom line here is that if you want to be approached, you must communicate that you are both open to meeting a new person in that moment and that you are WORTH being approached.

Oh, and check out RedHot Dateline review. You may want to try and experience dating online. Cheers, and happy hunting!

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10 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

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When we would talk about dates, it would always seem that we will likely to spend much about extravagant dinners and other stuff. I too for once thought that dates should be like this. But hey, this isn’t like those any movies with popular restaurants, glass wines, suites and ties kind of date reality. Actually, forget all those formalities, let’s be practical because there are more enjoyable and most awesome, cool and cheaper ways in doing dates. Want to know them? Take a read through here:


  1. Attend movie screenings. Sites like and let you search for free movie previews by zip code. Volunteer to be the one who goes early to get in line.


  1. Have a picnic. I do meet with my date with a basketful of goodies at a park, the city square or sometimes in my own yard. Bonus date points if I shop for ingredients and prepare the food together.


  1. Pay what you can. I do an online search for “pay what you can” or “pay what you will” and I can find theatres, museums or comedy clubs open at certain times for whatever I feel like offering to pay.


  1. Hit the water. Look for public pools or public beaches, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Frugal tip: Open swim times at local high school pools can be really cheap.


  1. Learn something. During free times, I watch a how-to video on YouTube and attempt a craft, sewing repair or other project. It is a really fun activity especially doing it together with my date.


  1. Find a group interest. Social networking sites like and let like-minded folks get together for games, hikes, music or whatever strikes as fun. I usually look for something my date already loves to do or something neither of us has ever tried.


  1. Host a wine tasting. I do invite a few mutual friends to bring their favourite cheap wines to my house for a fun evening. I also provide an inexpensive vino of my own plus some inexpensive snacks. Everybody gets to learn about new brands that are both tasty and affordable. Although I do try to make sure no one drives home tipsy.


  1. Take a walk. I stroll through an interesting part of the town or a nearby city and discover things together with my date, or sometimes join a nature walk or hiking group. This free date idea needed to be arranged in advance so that my date doesn’t wear shoes or clothing that are impractical for long walks.


  1. Go fly a kite. Sometimes, I hit the dollar store for a kite, indulge my inner child and have a snow cone afterward with my date.


  1. Hit the bookstore. A used-book store is a great cheap date idea because it’s so affordable. I do search the store for the works of my date’s favourite author or pick a subject about which I know very little and browse that section. It’s quite fun!


Doing dates are all about the activities both you and your dates should be enjoying doing. After all, date’s doesn’t have to be extravagant and that is not what date is all about. The most important part of a date is to enjoy each other’s company and to be able to learn more about your date.



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10 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating Before 25

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There are things about dating that we should already know. I consider myself a know-it-all about dates but even me, I still can’t seem to do dates perfectly. This is also the same to all the men out there. However, there things in which you wouldn’t know or wouldn’t experience until you are able to date many and if you reached 25. To save you from that future disaster, I have listed all of my friend’s experienced and the things the men should know about dating before they turn 25.


  1. Open doors. It never hurts to be a gentleman. This is actually a problem in today’s society as most men today are not even a gentleman a bit. I have a friend who is really a gentleman, all of the girls are flocking.


  1. Flowers don’t suck. They can be pretty cheesy, but no woman is going to stab you in the face for bringing her flowers. If you want to start a first date of romantically, it’s never an awful idea. That same gentleman friend of mine always brings flowers to a date and it was a plus.


  1. A fun date is always better than a fancy date. White tablecloth restaurants are awkwardly formal. The kind of divey place with incredible comfort food and skeeball in the back is almost always going to make a better date. But really just put some kind of thought into planning something according to what you think she, specifically, would be into.


  1. You don’t need to wait three days to call. The three day rule is not true. Don’t hammer her with texts and friend requests five minutes after meeting her, but it’s OK to call her a little early if that feels natural.


  1. Ask her about herself. This sounds basic, but a lot of people just blabber on about themselves when they get nervous. This is also what I don’t like with guys when I’m dating.


  1. Play it cool. Don’t freak yourself out and start asking her if she’s having fun or if her dinner is good 80 times in an hour. Don’t ask her. Just assume she’s having a good time unless she runs away from you screaming. In my experience, it was actually annoying for my date to constantly ask if I was having fun. It was like he is asking me every minute.


  1. Bring contraceptives, but don’t be presumptuous. Always be prepared, but don’t think that means you’re going to get laid. We girls don’t usually let the guys sleep with us on the first date.


  1. Be straight with her. If you’re not looking for anything serious, tell her. If you want to break it off, tell her. Being mean for a two minute conversation is still way nicer than just waiting for her to end it.


  1. Never send an unsolicited down-under pic.

Times it’s OK to send a down-under pic:

  1. She asked for a down-under pic.
  2. She sent you nude pics (without you asking) first.


  1. Don’t talk about exes. This is never a good idea. Ever.


I hope that with these 10 things about dating, I have saved you guys from any future disaster when you are dating. I really don’t want other girls to feel the same way as I am when I have had those few awkward dates with some guys. Be knowledgeable about dates and always be prepared!

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Top 10 Essential Tips for Dating Online

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Online dating is now the second-most common way couples meet, with 30 to 40 percent of singles trying out some 1,500 services, from sites to apps. Although I disagree to it at first, I just recently accepted it as a form of embracing a new modern culture. Aside from it being a trend, it is actually a fun way to experience.


If you are still new in dating online, here are 10 essential tips that you should know:


  1. Find Out If You and Your Date Are Compatible for the Long-Term

When a relationship starts to get serious, you might wonder if the other person is The One and you can finally stop dating. I really recommend for you to find out if the person you are dating is the one who can stay with you for a long-term and the one who doesn’t cheat.


  1. Know when it’s Time to Breakup

All couples go through relationship hiccups and when the relationships goes sour, don’t be afraid to let it all end. You can still work hard to make the relationship work but if you think that you have already worked well enough, then let go. It might be for the better of yourself if you end the relationship until it gets worse.


  1. Make Difficult Dating Decisions Easier by Knowing What You’re Getting Into

I always think through with my decisions before acting on them.


  1. Put the Cell Phone Down

I find my dates who are into their cell phones most of the time annoying and I really do not like it. I want to communicate better with my dates and that is why I want their full attention on me and not on their phones.


  1. Set Yourself Up for the Perfect First (and Second and Third, etc.) Date

When it’s your first date, you’ll probably want to make a great first impression. The basics—dressing nicely, being polite, being a good listener, and otherwise using good communication skills—will go a long way. For the second and subsequent dates, I really would want the men to still do the same as this will give me the impression that they are really into me.


  1. Find out More about Your Date before You Meet Him or Her

I always do a little online research which can help me with my next date and stay safe when I am meeting a stranger I had only met online. A simple people directory or public records search can already help me verify the person I am meeting is who they say they are.


  1. Figure out Your Major Deal Breakers

I do have a lot of things I definitely don’t want in a partner. I know, I’m a little bit picky that I make a list of five reasonable deal breakers at the start so I can avoid wasting precious time. Even if I do have a list of deal breakers, I still am realistic with my expectations.


  1. Meet New Potential Dates by Going to the Right Places

Even if I am sometimes using online dating, it’s still a good idea to physically get out there to places where I might find others who share the same interests and increase my chances of finding my next date.


  1. Improve Your Online Dating Profile Photo

Your profile photo isn’t just there to show prospective dates how good-looking you are, it can also tell others some important things about you.


  1. Don’t Be Scared of Online Dating

Don’t be afraid to try out online dating. At first, I was so scared to try it but in time, I learned to be more relaxed. Although I still keep my guard up as you know, there are many dangers in online. I just try to be much careful with whom I interact with.


Online dating sure is fun but don’t forget that the internet is not at all times safe. Make sure that you don’t really get too much informative about yourself online as this may be a way for someone to use for any crimes or even victimize you. Always stay safe!

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I’m Not Nicole Gilette. I’m Nicole Galletta!

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One thing you have to keep in mind when you go off on your first date is this: always remember the name of the guy or girl you’re talking to.

My name is Nicole Galletta.

The title of this introductory post is such because I’ve had one of the worst experiences possible in a date. This guy I met through emails met me and I enjoyed my company with him. I honestly thought he was the one until, well he kept on forgetting my name.  At one point, he even said my last name was gilette.

My true form
My true form

I’m not a blade or anything, but I can hurt you quite badly if you name me after one. I never excused myself for being rude post-date. To be honest, I couldn’t care less.

So, as a reminder for you men and women out there, don’t forget the name of you date. It’s proper courtesy to remember their names. It’s not as if my name is quite long, like an Indian name (not that it’s bad, mind you) or that it’s hard to pronounce (again, Indian names). I would understand if it was but this guy really has no excuse.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the fact that most guys hit on women using some lame pick-up lines. Guys, pick-up lines have been stale as much as slapstick comedy had died with it. In fact, slapstick comedy is synonymous with pick-up lines nowadays.

I suggest that you go with something extremely clever or ‘in the moment’ to prove that you’re truly funny and we can like you.

Pretty much
Pretty much

You might say I sound like a snotty girl. I’m not really that snotty. Maybe it’s just the way I talk. But my point is that I just want to get it across that men and women all over the world had been sick and tired of some poor dates.

Always remember, when you’re dating, don’t think of yourself as a liability. If things aren’t going your way, it’s probably none of you or your date’s fault, but it’s just because you two just weren’t meant to be together.

This is a fact most people find hard to accept. Serial killers are usually born by natural circumstances like this, but nobody ever acknowledges the fact that people have the right to refuse someone’s attention. Or maybe people are just too self-entitled that they work hard for someone’s attention they deserve a reward in some way.

Despite my (somewhat) brash behavior that clearly displays in my blog writing right here, I myself have found someone who could handle that. My boyfriend also talks brashly. Sure, we fight, shouting at each other and tearing at each other, but we know that that’s just who we are. We accept each other.

People just don’t give chances to girls like me. I’m brash, I’m mean, I tease hard. But this guy, he waived everything off of himself just so he could be with me. He withstood everything. Liking him, I withstood him too. We’re both bad-tempered you see.

When he said he loves me
When he said he loves me

In the end, if you want some awesome dating tips, strategies and ideas, it’s all about understanding me. It’s all about accepting who I am, and of course, it’s all about remembering my name

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